Working at Yolk

We are constantly on the lookout for change and communications pros who feel attracted to our work.

You are and work independently within a team with our customers and a number of Yolkers, depending on the task at hand. We are looking for people with a story and an opinion who enjoy larger-scale organisations to make a leap in their development.

Perhaps you currently work in such an organisation, are aligned with an agency, or have your own business. You understand your profession, are fascinated by today’s economic and social developments, and believe you can contribute.

It’s up to you

At Yolk, you can work from wherever and whenever you see fit, activity-based, precisely as our clients do or want to. You are free to organise your work as you like, as long as we stick to our agreements.

Our work is based on cooperation. At Yolk you will join a network of professionals who understand we need one another to achieve results. We form a team with our customers and collaborate closely, while all the while remembering our special role as innovator, connector and director.


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