Our team of change

Maud Cordemeijer

Down-to-earth. Energetic. Problem-solver. Quick-thinking, quick to understand. Go-getter. Always a ready smile. Takes our hospitality to the next level. Keeps projects on track and the team together.

Aart Bouwmeester

Storyteller, driving force, connector. Founded Yolk in the image of how he likes to work. Fast to provide direction and unequalled in bringing together the right people in the right team. Pragmatic. Energetic. Quick to adapt. Massive amount of experience.

Henny van Egmond

Change expert. Authority in the Future of Work. Aficionado of the good discussion. Poses the questions nobody else dares to ask. He helps customers move forwards with his vast, ready knowledge – preferably through complex challenges.

Coco Jansen

Visual artist, ambitious. Convinced that she has much to offer the world (and our customers). We totally agree. Alongside concept development and great ideas, she introduces a new perspective into the smallest details of our productions.

Karin Agterbosch

Writer and backbone for Yolk’s operations. Knows all the ins and outs. Our support and anchor. Helps out where needed. As final editor, project manager, you name it! Point of call for our back office.

Suzanne Hoogland

Organisational and social psychologist, schooled in change and intervention management. Inquisitive and tough to shake up. Asks many questions, always on the lookout for the underlying processes. Busybody. Priceless for organisation and training.