Yolk Aanpak

Our way
of working


We find the focus together

If you don’t know where to start, nothing ever happens. Complexity can lead to paralysis. Together, we’ll take a look at what’s going on. By listening to one another, and asking ourselves questions. We’ll find the core of the solution together.

Creating space

Everything is finished, and still things are going wrong. There’s no solution on the horizon. The discussions have taken a rough turn; irritation is on the rise. This is the time to create space so that the professionals in the organisation can stand up to find the solutions. The change is underway.


Seeing the new

Give someone a hammer and nails and there’s a good chance they’ll start hammering. As people, we have our own perspective, our individual take on life. Our own reality, based on all that we have experienced and learned. But we cannot solve the issues of today as we did in the past. Jan Rotmans, professor of transition management: “We are not living in an era of change, but rather in a change of era.” We need to innovate. Yet before innovation is in any way feasible, you need to see the new. Those who understand the new can get to work on change.


Taking responsibility

We connect people in organisations to the issue at hand as we are of the belief that the solution has always been present. We connect ourselves: we are collaborative consultants. We take responsibility and work hand-in-hand with the client. We connect the practice of different clients.

Assigning significance

Inundated by day-to-day affairs, we often forget the reasons for doing what we do. Simon Sinek calls it the golden circle and the search for the ‘why’. Wouter Hart uses the word intention. Emeritus professor Wessel Ganzevoort calls is organisation with sense. What is the significance of our organisation? We pose the questions – endlessly if necessary. Assign significance to your work and you assign significance to oneself.

A different perspective

The way in which you look at something reflects how you think. Your convictions determine your perspective. If you are convinced that change is difficult, you’re never going to have an easy time. But what would happen if you were to enjoy change? We like to bring together different perspectives. Because we believe we can learn from one another.

Taking on the conversation

Who doesn’t have fond memories of that one, special discussion? With a friend or colleague. One of those discussions that taught you something significant? Because everyone listened and thought along? We invite you to tell us what you find significant – your driver. The start of a real connection.


Having fun

Fundamental change takes time, certainly if it includes instilling a new culture. We enjoy accelerating the change. Through activation campaigns through which we take the organisation by the hand in surprising ways. Or through small interventions with significant impact.

Rolling up our sleeves together

Complexity demands an integral approach. You cannot solve complex issues alone – you have to work with others. We ensure that people within an organisation find one another and initiate collaboration, even if they’re from different departments. We create new networks and activate existing ones.


Through Appreciative Inquiry, we look at what is already going well. We name it and appreciate it. We discuss it in communications. So that it creates a desire for more. Step-by-step, the realisation that it can work grows. And the change accelerates.

Change is fun

If you know what you have to do, and really want to do it, change is fun. The crucial point is that people need to choose it themselves. This starts by creating an attractive perspective, shaped into a good story. This creates a desire for the new.