Working on a resilient organisation

In a complex world in which the demands of clients and supervisors are increasing constantly, Rabobank is using its ITCA program to improve its availability. It is to be an open culture in which people are alert and take responsibility.

Rabobank’s ambition is to create a ‘resilient organisation’, in which security and continuity are the norm. Yolk supported by developing and implementing the change approach, the communications strategy and a wide range of interventions and training programs.

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We told the ITCA story using a creative concept in which the leitmotiv was the seven behavioural characteristics or resilient organisations. We started with the who-done-it mystery ‘The robust bank’ in which recognisable characters reconstruct and relive a massive disruption in the bank’s systems. This ‘urban story’ was also the thread in a content strategy in which collaboration in a just culture is key. Videos, explanatories, visuals, meetings. Online and real-life.

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The stakes are high and there is much to be done: who is responsible for what? On what basis, and how are decisions made? From Day One, we and the teams take a close look at their way of working so that we can learn from one another and improve. We bring the various teams together, acquaint them with similar organisations and initiatives outside of Rabobank and tell their story. We support community building both online and through physical meetings.

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We developed a differentiated training programme for leaders and staff so that they could personally get to grips with the principles of a resilient organisation. Leaders learned to create the context in which change can occur. Teams learned about working together for the benefit of the customer. And – crucially – what needed to be done if things go wrong? How do you discover the structural changes needed to become more reliable, and how do you create the just culture that this demands?

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