Antwerp Police's new way of working

Under the motto ‘Always on call, tomorrow more than ever’, the Antwerp Police works on a major change exercise.

In 2015, two top managers decide to take Yolk’s masterclass ‘The new way of working’. It was the start of a fruitful cooperation. The aim: to develop and implement a style of working that would give 2700 Antwerp policemen more room to do their job.

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There is no such thing as the new way of working. Every organisation has its own history that to a great degree determines how the work is done. For change to be successful, you need a clear and shared vision of the future : a single image and a single language. Together with the police force leaders, we set down what the Antwerp Police wants to achieve and agreed how we would implement the four key elements of the working style(independent of time and place, activity-based and result-focused).

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While detailing the new way of working, we focused strongly on the objectives of the Antwerp Police. The new workstyle is not an objective in itself, but rather a means of working more effectively and more efficiently. As part of the change process towards a new way of working, we translated the organisational objectives up to team level and a new operational building with new profiles.

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Introducing a new way of working in a complex organisation such as the Antwerp Police is no walk in the park. As recommended by Yolk, the programme organisation was newly set up whereby the new way of working, IT and Facilities (including the new location) are addressed integrally, combined with an approach for leadership in the standard development approach for managers.

These are the benefits:

  • A style of working that does justice to the ambitions of the organisation
  • Greater involvement of staff
  • Better service provision
  • Lower costs
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Yolk is the expert in new ways of working and supports organisations from idea to implementation. Together with the organisation we develop the working style and deliver a successful implementation, including workshops on leadership, new working agreements for teams and new skills to work more smartly.

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