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Are you the leader who will make the change possible?

As soon as you think you know what you have to do you start searching again

We see leadership as a collective process in which there is room for self-organisation, wholeness and evolutive objectives.

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Taking a step back

Leaders who know what they have to do. Who understand their contribution to the organisation. And are the appropriate role model.  We help them recognise the underlying structures in their organisation and the networks in which they find themselves. We stand by them in investigating the convictions of those around them. Taking a distance and having a critical look at behaviour.

Embracing complexity

Leaders who embrace complexity. Ask questions. Are not afraid to let go. Are satisfied with the best-possible solution or the most feasible approach, on the condition that it contributes to the ambitions of their organisation.

Leadership as a collective process in which there is rook for self-organisation, wholeness and evolutive objectives. Leaders who see a multitude of perspectives, balance one against the other and continuously ask themselves how their future perspective can be more inclusive.

Listening. Talking.

Yolk, design thinkingLeaders with a preference for contradictions and dialogue and a tendency towards ongoing transformation. If you invest energy in one another’s ideas and convictions it is significantly easier to find a shared objective. Together you create the conviction that you make the difference as a collective, and put that into practice. You don’t always have to agree. It’s enough to respect one another, , to listen to one another, and to take one another seriously.

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Henny van Egmond

Change expert. Authority in the Future of Work. Aficionado of the good discussion. Poses the questions nobody else dares to ask. He helps customers move forwards with his vast, ready knowledge – preferably through complex challenges.