Yolk, zelforganisatie mogelijk maken

Looking further than you were used to

Escape your bubble and take a look around

Groups with a varied composition are more creative and make better decisions. But the group members have to feel at home if there is to be a foundation for innovative behaviour.

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If you submit to your natural tendency of collecting likeminded people in the teams around you, you’re bound to feel your being efficient. If nobody contradicts you, you reach conclusions more quickly. But you perform best when there is friction between opinions and you feel slightly uncomfortable.

Diverse and inclusive

Yolk, vernieuwing mogelijk makenTo achieve diversity you need an inclusive culture. Organisations embrace diversity and inclusivity for their reputation, their customer focus or their social responsibility. We are fascinated by the opportunity it offers to deliver better work in teams of diverse composition. This calls for an awareness of the differences and an insight into the oft-unwritten rules that maintain the differences, and assistance in changing established habits.


Yolk, slimmer werkenWe will tempt you with creative ways of working from Deep democracy, Community Theatre, Serious Gaming and Design. We use the strength of surprise and take you on a journey that will help you to use methods, thought processes and communication methods of the future in the work of today.


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Aart Bouwmeester

Storyteller, driving force, connector. Founded Yolk in the image of how he likes to work. Fast to provide direction and unequalled in bringing together the right people in the right team. Pragmatic. Energetic. Quick to adapt. Massive amount of experience.