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Digging up the subconscious

‘We’ve been doing it like this for so long, why should we change?’  Often, there are underlying patterns and convictions that inhibit people from joining the change.

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From old to new

Innovation in organisations often fails because the old behaviour doesn’t change. There is insufficient attention for the patterns and convictions in our subconscious that determine much of our behaviour.


From inhibitive to effective

Yolk, visie ontwikkelingstrajectWe expose underlying patterns using our Culture Meter. Together with the organisation we work on a sustainable change in behaviour. First we determine which behaviour is needed for the innovation. We compare this to the existing behaviour. We then have a ‘good discussion’ about the differences. What are the underlying convictions? Which are effective, and which get in the way?

Getting to work with new behaviour

You immediately gain support for the innovation in meetings in which we work together on the behaviour needed for that innovation.

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Suzanne Hoogland

Organisational and social psychologist, schooled in change and intervention management. Inquisitive and tough to shake up. Asks many questions, always on the lookout for the underlying processes. Busybody. Priceless for organisation and training.