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Are you still doing the right things?

You spend a lot of time handling email and the agendas are bursting at the seams with meetings. You are constantly in reactive mode and you don’t have the time to deal with the things that matter. The work pressure is building and so the question: are you still doing the right things.

Being honest

Meetings and piles of email are symptoms of deeper issues, like: have we made clear agreements about our result? Have we been given the right responsibilities? Are we capable enough to do the task we have accepted? Do we dare to be honest when the work gets too much or doesn’t really suit us?



Together with you we investigate what is blocking your way and we will help you to develop a smarter way of working. Our cards are on result-oriented working, with responsibilities where they belong and the use of the appropriate IT.

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Henny van Egmond

Change expert. Authority in the Future of Work. Aficionado of the good discussion. Poses the questions nobody else dares to ask. He helps customers move forwards with his vast, ready knowledge – preferably through complex challenges.