Telling your story in such a way that you achieve your objectives

Stories that are begging to be passed on

You already have your story, but if it is to help you to achieve your objective, you’re going to have to tell it. We will help you with interesting angles and surprising insights. This way, you’ll have a story begging to be passed on!

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Yolk, corporate storytellingFirst let’s hear what you have to say. And why it’s important to you. What you want to achieve with your story. Especially, for whom it is intended. Call it an interview, an enjoyable discussion or a great dialogue. We return to the core and build your story from there.



Next we seek out the events that demonstrate what you want to say and select the main characters. Are you one of them? Who else? Who is the hero, and who is the villain? We bring together the characters and events in a start, a middle and an end. When you read it now, you are already in the mood for more.



And now the magic! What’s your perspective? Which tone of voice works best? It is a story in the past or in the present? Would you dare take on a frame story? How are you going to involve your audience? Will you stand in front of the group? If so, we’ll practice timing and silence, your voice and your posture. And the most important thing for any good story: stop on time!


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Aart Bouwmeester

Storyteller, driving force, connector. Founded Yolk in the image of how he likes to work. Fast to provide direction and unequalled in bringing together the right people in the right team. Pragmatic. Energetic. Quick to adapt. Massive amount of experience.