Webinar ‘Work and organisation post-Corona’

Mark Gray2 March 2021

Expectations indicate that we’ll be working more from home structurally after Corona. This elicits questions as to how we then organise and facilitate work. Henny van Egmond shared his insights into the matter during a webinar that we offered with De Spreker op 2 March 2021 .

It includes insights into the scientific reseach by Leesman on the effectiveness of work environments in a contribution by Gideon van den Burg and a recent business case by ANWB Reizen in an item with director Marjon Kaper.

You will find all the background information for this webinar HERE in the whitepaper ‘Work and organisation post-Corona’. >>>

Remote work works. Staff have demonstrated they can easily take on the responsibility for their work, and are interested in working from home more, also post-Corona. This elicits questions as to how we organise and facilitate our work moving forwards. This focus is now on remote work, and saving on the number of square meters in the office. Are they going to be transformed into a type of Starbucks – just for meetings and discussions?

In this webinar Work and organisation post-Corona, Henny van Egmond, expert in new ways of working, looks at various answers. He explains al the relevant research into a large number of themes – social cohesion, employee involvement, productivity, leadership, and more. He looks at recent investigations into the experience of remote work during the lockdowns, and at previous scientific research into new ways of working.

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